2020 Area Schools

Area Schools

Region 13’s Area Schools for 2020 may have been re-designed as virtual presentations, but they still offer the same goal as our in-person schools: to provide music education to members “in their own backyards”...quite literally for this year! Region 13 members (sorry, non-Region 13 Sweet Adelines!) are welcome to attend either or both Area Schools

Pre-registration will be required in order to ensure we have the correct Zoom license; however, there is no charge to any Region 13 members. 

Read on for class offerings at each Area School, and stay tuned for registration information.

August 15, 2020: Area School #1, focusing on members in Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska* 

Faculty and class offerings: 
  • A Look at your Larynx: Nikki Blackmer
  • The Care and Feeding of “The Story”: Katy Hawley
  • The Joy of Ballad Interpretation: Peggy Benton
  • The Three Most Important Things I Ever Learned About Vocal Production: Elizabeth Davies
  • Synchronization – Getting It All Together: Sue Beck and Nancy Kurth
  • Director Panel Q & A: with Peggy Benton, Nikki Blackmer, and Elizabeth Davies.

September 12, 2020: Area School #2, focusing on members in Montana and Washington*

Faculty and class offerings: 
  • Let’s Play Clue– How to Find the Clues in the Music: Sandy Cahill
  • The Art of Letting Go: Charlene O’Connor
  • Barbershop Hardware & Software (2 part class): Paula Davis and Beth Smith
  • The Total Performance: Sue Beck and Nancy Kurth
  • Judges Panel Q & A: Beth Smith, Paula Davis, and Sue Beck

* However, Region 13 members may attend either or both Area Schools!



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