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June 10, 2017 - 10:35pm -- Cris Conerty

This year we saw many Chapter At-Large members at contest and I want to recognize them! First and foremost, one of our treasured members, Andrea Kaiserman, was honored for her 50 years as a Sweet Adeline. More about Andrea in the July IN TUNE CAL CORNER! Other notable longevity awards include Mary Ann Colgan for 60 years, Patti Gallagher and Lynlee Ritchie for 45 years, Linda Tracy for 35 years, and Cheryl Cullen, Terri Kolp, and Sandy Powers for 25 years.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to CAL member Debbie Drake (Spokane, WA) for serving as our Chair of the Regional Convention (CRC). She worked so hard and did a fabulous job! Thank you Debbie!

You may have attended the “High Tea” Celebration honoring our outgoing Queens of Harmony FRENZY, where you would have seen our esteemed CAL member Melissa Pope (tenor) perform and share her crown with many would-be queens!

Speaking of would-be queens, our regional Championship Quartet, PrimeTime (with a score of 656!) featured CAL member Sylvia Posso (tenor). We wish PrimeTime all the best as they give it their all to win the crowns in Vegas this October!

Region 13 has 3 Wildcard Quartets this year and ALL 3 feature the talents of CAL members! Renegade, with a score of 640 and a 2nd Place medal, featured Alena Menefee Hemingway (lead); Fourcast, with a score of 619 and a 3rd Place medal, featured Anna Martin (lead); and SnapShot!, with a score of 611 and a 4th Place medal, featured Cris Conerty (lead), Terri Kolp (tenor), and Melody Martz (bass). Region 13 will be well-represented!

Other CAL members performing onstage this year include Heather MacLaughlin Garbes (tenor, The Cat’s Meow), Becky Olesen (lead, In Cahoots), Carey Adams (baritone, Blueprint), Skye Saylor (lead, Fame & Four-Tune), Tammi Thompson (bass, Ginger ‘n Spice), Andren Moyer (tenor, Amore), Michelle Meadows (tenor, Tetralogy), Terry Donnelly (Bass, Soundwave), and Lora Ray (tenor, After Midnight).

Congratulations and thank you to everyone! You all help to make Region 13 the fabulous region we are!

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