2018 Competition

The 2018 Region 13 winners were decided Friday, April 27 (quartets) and Saturday, April 27 (choruses)! Results are shown below. 

Quartets  /  Official Quartet Score Sheet  /  Quartet YouTube videos

   •   1st: LiftOff! (630)
   •   2nd: Brilliance! (615)
   •   3rd: Wink (602)
   •   4th: After Midnight (601)
   •   5th: Fourcast (597)

   •   Audience Choice Quartet: Up to Something
   •   Most Improved Quartet: RainTones
   •   Novice Quartet: Brilliance!

Choruses  /  Official Chorus Score Sheet   /  Chorus YouTube Videos

   •   1st:  A Cappella Joy (648)
   •   2nd: Alaska Sound Celebration (629)
   •   3rd: Voices Northwest (588) 
   •   4th: Spirit of Spokane (586)
   •   5th: Pacific Sound (582)

Division AA (31-60 singers)

   •   1st:  A Cappella Joy (648)
   •   2nd: Alaska Sound Celebration (629)
   •   3rd: Voices Northwest (588)  

Division A (15-30 singers)

   •   1st: Rolling Hills
   •   2nd: Cascade Harmony
   •   3rd:  Capital City Sound

   •   Audience Choice Chorus: Song of Seattle
   •   Most Improved Chorus: Grand Olympics 
   •   Novice Director: Ted Chamberlain

2018 50-Year Members

North by Northwest Region 13 is thrilled to honor our 50-year members! To read complete bios of all these amazing women, click here.

Margaret Brock: Margaret lives in St. Helens OR, where she first sang with the St. Helen’s chorus. She’s held various chorus leadership roles, and was honored with the Rose Achievement award in 1999 for her service on the Regional Board of Directors. One memorable experience was participating in the 1990 Washington DC July 4th parade where her chorus, Columbia River Chorus was awarded the Spirit of America Award.

“I would wish many more women could have this experience of personal growth as I have through this wonderful organization and can only say I wish I'd found it earlier in my life."


Linea Croly: Linea has been a musician since she childhood, playing piano, cello, and singing in church and school choirs. She visited the Pocatello Chapter (Idaho) in 1958, and joined the Golden Belle chapter in Billings, Montana in 1968. She has been a member of several choruses, including Lakeside Chorus which placed 3rd internationally in 1984. Linea has always been active in chorus and region leadership, and is currently a member of Seattle Shores Chorus.

“I am Sweet Adelines."


Meech Debol: Meech was introduced to SAI when she stepped off the plane in Hawaii for the first time and was met and recruited by the ship captain’s wife. A member of five choruses in three regions (13, 14, 21), Meech helped found a chorus in Charleston, SC, (still going strong!). Meech joined the San Diego Chorus in 1983, and was a member in 2001 when they won gold at International. She’s held chorus and regional leadership roles in each region, and is currently Bari section leader and Assistant Director at Spirit of Spokane.

“…finding who I am through the forever friends who share my passion for this wonderful organization."


Hope Fulwiler: Hope started with the Spokane Valley Chorus, and has sung with several local chapters. She is a member of Ovation Chorus, winning a Region 13 Quartet Championship with Classified Ads in 1976. Hope has competed internationally with Classified Ads, placing 21st and 25th, and with Spokane Falls/Spirit of Spokane Chorus. She has also held many different chorus leadership positions, including Section Leader and President.


Beth Garske: Beth’s first chorus was Lilac City Chorus in Spokane, WA. She has been a member of several quartets, including 1981 Region 13 Champion Past Reflections. She competed internationally five times as a member of Spirit of Spokane Chorus. Beth is also active in leadership at chorus and regional level, and is the Team Coordinator for RiversEdge Chorus in Spokane as well as the Ovation Chorus.

“Having friendships that long is totally awesome, and being able to mentor newer members has been a wonderful experience."


Barbara Harp: Barbara has been singing all her life, but wasn’t satisfied until she joined the Simi Valley (CA) Chorus. She finds competing with quartets and choruses has been very fulfilling. She helped get several choruses up and running, and is currently a member of Five Valley Chorus in Montana.

“I will never forget all the memories and fun I've had during this wonderful journey."


Nancy McLaughlin: Nancy was raised in eastern Pennsylvania, where she attended barbershop shows with her mom. She is proud to say she saw the Buffalo Bills before they were featured in The Music Man. Her first chorus was in Massena, NY, and she has been a chorus member in SEVEN different regions! Nancy is currently a member of Grand Olympic Chorus in Sequim, WA.



NxNW Region 13 Leadership Team Mission Statement

The Region 13 Leadership Team's mission is:

North by Northwest Region 13 is a cutting-edge group of diverse singers performing and championing a cappella music.

We Value: Financial Stewardship, Effective Communication, Education, Culture of Belonging and Acceptance, Global Outreach, Innovation, and Personal Fulfillment

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