2024 Convention - Chorus Dual Members

If you are a dual member with two (or more!) choruses, first understand that Sweet Adelines only gives directors any preference when scheduling the order of appearance. Your two on-stage times could be hours apart...or they could be back to back! SAI gives directors time between a chorus they are directing and a chorus with which they are a singing member, but SAI does not (and cannot) take into consideration all of the dual singers.

So... several things can be thought through NOW to make handling all of this easier before contest is in full swing. Reading and understanding these points will make your day less stressful!

We have changing rooms backstage for singers needing to make fast changes when one performer quickly follows the other.  Singers will have to leave the backstage area if they are not immediately joining the next performer.

For those who have several performers in between,  you may have time to go back to your room, change, and join your second group somewhere along the traffic pattern! Or if you don't have quite that much time,  feel free to change costumes in one of the restrooms in the convention center.  

Tips to make things go smoothly:

1) Bring ALL of your second (and third?) costume parts in their own shopping or garment bag(s) to the stage area before the briefing on Thursday afternoon, or before the quartet contest on Friday.   Have all of your clothes bags clearly marked with your name and chorus, and leave it in the dual member changing room.  There'll be a coat rack to hang costumes on and floor space to put bags.  ​

​2)   Make sure you know exactly what costume is being worn for contest day; is anything suitable for both? Can you wear the same velvet pants? The same makeup, but with new lipstick?

3) Let both of your directors know -- and remind them often -- that you need to leave the stage first  and you will probably be the last one on for the second performance. 
4) There are approximately four minutes between choruses. Practice making quick costume changes and figure out how to avoid messing up a hairdo!
5) Pick one or two helpers from your first chorus to help you! Provide them with a proper-sized bag so they can gather up and to haul away the first costume, plus ALL of the pieces: shoes, nylons, socks, pants, dress, slip, top, jewelry, coat hangers, garment bag, lipstick, extra makeup, whatever!

Good luck! We love our dual members...


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