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A good coach can help a chorus or quartet in numerous ways! Below is a list of coaches, both from within our region and "beyond" who your group may wish to use. Information was correct as of July 2015. 

Coaches within Region 13



Coaches outside Region 13 / BHS Coaches

Sharon Babb John Burri Ted Chamberlain
Lynda Keever

Shirley Kout

Tim McCormic

Kathy Scheel Julie Starr    


"Specialty" Coaches

Krista Larson / Hair and Makeup; scripting Sue Middleton / Visual, scripting/emcee    


NxNW Region 13 Management Team Mission Statement

The Region 13 Regional Management Team's mission is:

•  Visioning
•  Developing Leaders
•  Creating pathways for achieving regional goals

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