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May 3, 2016 - 8:39am -- Nancy Kurth

May 2, 2016


To Region 13 Members


RE: Regional Governance Change Proposal


You may be familiar with the Regional Governance Proposal made by the International Board of Directors.  If you are not, there is a great deal of information about this proposal on the International Website under the Members Only page, ”Regional Governance Proposal”.  As you can see from the information on this site a great deal of research and communication was involved with this proposal, including numerous webinars to answer any and all questions about this concept and the long term effects of the governance change.


Each region voted (one vote per Region) to either accept or not accept the proposal.  Your Region 13 Management Team voted to accept this proposal.  We received word today from Paula Davis, our new International President, that the proposal did not receive the needed 2/3 majority vote from all regions.  We are providing you with Paula’s message below.


Your Regional Management Team would like to confirm our commitment to make our current governance work for the benefit of YOU, our membership, with emphasis on wise use of the member’s money, bringing education to all choruses, and growing strong leaders.  We look forward to this new fiscal year and the opportunity to serve you as your Regional Leaders and Coordinators.


If you have any questions or concerns about this topic, please feel free to email me or call.


Keep making harmony through harmony,


Nancy Kurth, Region 13 Team Coordinator 2016 – 2017

[email protected];    503-524-0522


Diane Lee, Regional Communications Coordinator

Sandy Cahill, Regional Directors Coordinator

Debra Aungst, Regional Education Coordinator

Judy Galloway, Regional Events Coordinator

Dani Stiles, Regional Finance Coordinator

Jo Sahlin, Regional Marketing Coordinator

Sharon Stockstad, Regional Membership Coordinator

Jeanne Law, Regional Management Team Associate


To 2015-16 Regional Management Team Members

Hello and welcome to another new Sweet Adeline year!  

After four months of working and considering the new governance proposal together, you have voted and made the decision not to accept the proposed model put forth to you in January by the International Board of Directors. 

While we hoped that this proposal would meet many of your needs and requests, we accept your decision with a firm commitment to educate and support you as you work in your region.

 With this decision, the Regional Management Team model will continue to be the method of governance that moves us into the coming years. In the near future, you will receive communication from the Regional Leadership Committee about upcoming and future educational opportunities that will be available to you. They are your pipeline to the International level and are eager to work with you in building even more success in your regional endeavors.

G.K. Chesterton said, “There is one thing that gives radiance to everything. It is the idea of something just around the corner.” Around the corner in this new year, who can say what waits for us? Your International Board of Directors looks forward to discovering and creating our future together.


In Harmony,  

Paula Davis

International President


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North by Northwest Region 13 is a cutting-edge group of diverse women singing, performing, and championing a cappella music.

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