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August 8, 2017 - 1:56pm -- Sue Middleton

A new Regional Governance Pilot North for Northwest Region #13 of Sweet Adelines International is now in full swing. This two-year pilot, which began May 1, 2017, allows the region to develop a model that works best for our region and it’s members, while developing a strong connection to the International organization.

As indicated in an earlier explanation, the Regional Management Team felt the time was ripe for this adventure. There are several reasons we wanted to be part of this pilot:

  • This model is focused on developing stronger leaders. It’s all about growing people with support and training. We know this will not only benefit our regional leaders, but as members serve at the regional level, they will be even stronger leaders in this choruses.
  • This new approach is a direct connection with the International branch of our organization which will provide more education, better communication (both ways) and more guidance, while challenging each of us to be better at our appointed positions.
  • We believe this will provide more involvement of more members at the regional level, providing more exciting and focused opportunities for our members to share their talents at the regional level.
  • Because our current RMT works so well together, we know we will make a successful transition to this model.

This new structure involved three Regional Directors who work with numerous Resource Staff members to meet the Regions goals and strategies. 

Here is a visual example of what this new structure looks like on paper.

NxNW Region 13 Mission Statements

North by Northwest Region 13 is a cutting-edge group of diverse women singing, performing, and championing a cappella music.

The Region 13 Regional Management Team's mission is:

•  Visioning
•  Developing Leaders
•  Creating pathways for achieving regional goals

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